Welcome to CiviCure

A nonprofit corporation focused on the revitalization of the greater Hoosick area.
A community initiative to preserve and revitalize the Classic Street and High Street river front,
restore historical buildings, and beautify streetscapes in the heart of the Village of Hoosick Falls.

Wood Block Building Purchase

Civicure (Civic and Cultural Restoration Corporation) closed on the purchase of the Wood Block Building, 1-5 Main Street on Friday, April 28, 2017, after years of fund and friend raising.

Sharing a vision of renovating the 1889 "opera house", several of the 8 original owners of the Wood Block building donated a portion of the building to help make the purchase possible.

We wish to offer our profound gratitude for the extraordinary generosity. The sale materialized after generous contributions were received from both sides of the negotiating team, from members of the Board, from special friends of the region, the artists who contributed their talent, our dedicated volunteers, the community who attended our events, the Hoosac School, Brown's Brewing Company, the legal team, and Richard Tillberg, AICP, a skilled consultant who kept the board focused in achieving our goals.

Our fund raising events have been crucial in reaching our goal and bringing awareness to the significance of the building. Our recent, Maple Fool's event, the Sap Happy Hop, Oren Gradus, operatic songs all held at the Hoosac School all helped raise funds, using arts and culture to build ties within in the community.

Brown's Brewing Company's Wallomsac Taproom initial opening sponsored Porktoberfest to benefit Civicure, and the annual Farm to Canvas events held each fall are always popular. We are grateful for the Hoosick Falls 5K Rolf M. Sternberg race, initiated by Hay C3.

The real work is about to begin! Stay tuned for an upcoming celebration and guided tour of the incredible spaces upstairs in need of repair and restoration.

Please join us for our upcoming event:

Celebrating Our Stories: Paintings in Words and Wool, Honoring Grandma Moses is an art and oral history program on Saturday, May 13 that is free and open to all because of a New York State Council on the Arts Grant which full funded our program. The program will open with a 10am - 12 noon art making and story telling day of events on at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose, 59 Sherman Lane, Buskirk, NY and a 3pm, Bennington Museum Curator Jamie Franklin will present an illustrated talk on "Grandma Moses and Modernism". The Bennington Museum holds the largest public collection of the work of Grandma Moses and will host the exhibition "Grandma Moses: American Modern" in their galleries from July 1 to November 5, 2017. Please join us at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose on Saturday May 13th. Please call (518) 205-5204 with any questions.

Project Benefits

  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of the housing stock and the Village generally
  • Attract middle income familes to move to the Village
  • Increase business activity in the heart of the business district
  • Expand cultural and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors
  • Preserve important historic structures
  • Attract visitors to the Village of Hoosick Falls
A Vision for the Future
Hoosick Falls, New York is a small upstate Village nestled in one of America's most bucolic valleys. It's history as a center for pre-industrial revolution manufacturing is significant. Its list of high achieving citizenry is well known. The legacy of its important past is reflected in the presence of its prominent Victorian architecture.

The business district of the Village contains several structures that are more than 150 years old - when the centers of Villages were an integral part of everyday American life. The partially restored Wood Block Building is at the center of the downtown business district. Just up Main Street is Wood Park - home of The Guardian, a sculpture by the world-renowned sculptor Jose DeCreeft.

Treasures of eras past are housed in the nearby Hoosick Historical Society and Museum on upper Main Street. The Monahan Building on John Street was the site of the discovery and beginning of Grandma Moses's rise to world prominence. Although there are many beautiful historical structures that are still standing, they are underutilized and in some cases, in danger of being demolished.

The streetscape along the river front on Classic Street and lower High Street has become an aesthetic eyesore, which blocks the beauty of the Hoosic River and what remains of the former falls. The buildings along the riverfront are, in most cases, in such significant disrepair or otherwise altered, so as to violate the architectural integrity of their original construction. Failure to develop, preserve, and match the aesthetics of the street scape with the beauty of the surrounding countryside has led to a declining tax base, a housing stock with the median price of a home in the Village at one half the median price of housing in the nation as a whole, and a failure to attract private investment in both housing and business into the Village Center.

A group of civic individuals and businesses, together with government leaders, have endorsed a new non-profit organization, the Civic and Cultural Restoration Corporation to reclaim the beauty of the Village and restore its housing and business opportunities.

The principal goal of the project is to acquire the properties along the riverfront, restore the riverfront to a public park and recreation area, restore the Wook Block Building's second and third floor for public cultural use, and to acquire other buildings within the Village to either restore them to their original, architectural design or replace them with green, park areas.

By focuing on the aestethics of the community and in particular, street scapes along Route 22, the main thoroughfare of the Village, it is hoped that the Village will once again become an attractive location for middle income families and private housing and business development.